So you are interested in sponsoring an episode of the “Where Did All My Friends Go?” podcast, “Super Awesome Music Video Show“, or one of our YouTube Exclusives!  Let’s get started!  We have recently changed how we do our sponsorships to make it easy and affordable for businesses and bands of all sizes. Each ad is custom made, you give us the talking points that you want us to hit and we will make it for you! Every ad is placed PERMANENTLY in each episode so make sure that the information you give us is something that is not a sale or something temporary. Each ad is 30-60 seconds long.  All sponsors will also have a logo included on each promotional image used for their episode.

Where Did All My Friends Go? Podcast

  1. $20 We will place your custom ad during a sponsor break portion of the episode.  There may be more than one sponsor per episode. Your ad will be featured on both the audio and video podcast.
  2. We also offer the option to Sponsor the entire episode instead of sharing the episode with multiple sponsors for $50

Super Awesome Music Video Show

$20 to sponsor the Super Awesome Music Video Show. We only have one sponsor per episode, our host would talk about your product during our episode and go over any talking points you would like them to talk about. 

Each episode of Super Awesome airs live on twitch BUT every episode is then saved and added to our patreon for our subscribers to watch later. So your sponsorship will continue to reach new watchers.

YouTube Exclusive Shows

Tiers For Fears (September 7th – Jan 11th) 10 episodes

Tiers for Fears is an upcoming show on our YouTube channel where the Unsigned Pop Punk team ranks popular and beloved items and places, ranging from food stops to musical instruments.  Some of our choices may be unpopular or cringy but that’s just the way it is going to be.

$20 to sponsor Tiers for Fears. We only have one sponsor per episode.  Each episode is pre recorded and your ad will be placed at the beginning of the episode with talking points of your choosing.

If you are interested in sponsoring an episode, send all inquiries to info@unsignedpoppunk.com